Overcoming Barriers: Using ordinary solutions to reach extraordinary ends

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Striving through life as a visually impaired person has given me the

courage and strength to fight for a course that I believe is for me

and other visually impaired persons. My name is Sristi K.C. and I am

24 years old. I became blind at the age of 16 and initially struggled

to cope my new situation. I was able to overcome many challenges to

lead a life filled with happiness and dignity. Commonly blind people

are treated as objects of pity and charity and I seek to empower to

them as I have empowered myself.  What initially was my limitation has

now become my springboard and I am ready to rock the blind. I

currently run an organization called Blind Rocks!

(http://www.blindrocks.org/), which empowers blind around the world

through workshops in dance, fashion, communication, and adventure


  Recently Blind Rocks! in collaboration with  Engage Nepal, social

organization promoting a culture of service and volunteerism.

(www.engage.org.np)  organized a day empowerment training program with

the theme "Overcoming Barriers: Using ordinary solutions to reach

extraordinary ends"

   (Paribartanko Abharodh, Asamanya Bhitra Samantako Khoj") at Jorpati

on March 22. We have initiated the first step of our campaign where

wheel chaired, blind and non disable people together participated with

an objective to seek for the measures to establish a barrier free

world where people start having a barrier free thought to understand

that disability is simply a different way of life and they need their

self convenience to live them on their own. Our training has come up

with series of upcoming activities that we have planned with a view to

fulfilling our these objectives. We would like to thank all the

participants, volunteers, media and specially our partner organization

Engage Nepal and all other well wishers. We are also very grateful

towards the generous support of Mr. Michael Rosenkrantz.

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