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The international Day of Girl is an important celebration but one commemoration day is not enough. We need to link these kind of events with long term advocacy initiatives at national and local level. Think of a national GIRL Coalition that brings together multiple actors like NGOs, INGOs and Donors. Think of mainstreaming girl related issues at local level in the existing forums.

23rd International Disability Day, Rally, Kathmandu 2014

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It was a great fun, huge turn out, really incredible. It started very slow... because I and the ENGAGE Team were waiting in the wrong place in Basathapur but instead the rally started from Bhrikuti Mandap. We made up for the loss time and joined the Carnival

I wish more people, abled body persons would be there this morning but it does not matter. we were there and it was good


For more information on the day, please log on http://www.un.org/disabilities/default.asp?id=1620

The Adhikari Brothers and how to change philantropy and social work paradigms

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You might think that philanthropy is just about money. You might assume that only able persons can get involved in social work and philanthropy while those living with disabilities are just at the receiving ends. Nothing more wrong. Sushil and Bashudev are proving that other way around is possible and doable. Actually their way is the best way. A new culture of giving has born.

Overcoming Barriers: Using ordinary solutions to reach extraordinary ends

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Change is possible.If all united, disabilities can be overcome in a better and more equal society. Everybody has a role to play.

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