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At  ENGAGE we are trying to do something simple: promoting  part time/flexible volunteerism. This is basically my job though so far is totally unpaid but this is different story. So I spend my days with my colleague Kusum to try to organize our projects that offer an enhancing experience both for our volunteers ( we call them ENGAGE Corps) and our service users.  This is about my office time. On Sunday I actually did volunteering myself, after a really long spell.

I have been called by a very good friend of mine, an incredible social activist, doing a terrific job to rescue children from the jails. Her name is Indira and the organization she founded is called PA Nepal. (

PA Nepal is really a unique set up: it is much more than an ordinary organization, it is a kind of extended family but well organized under the guidance of Indira, a real volcano of woman, so hyperactive so engaged to the cause, huge heart, indomitable.

I was asked by Indira to work with her small but super dedicated team on a complex strategic issue related to PA Nepal. The team work was excellent. To be honest, I did not do much actually, I simply facilitated a team work, the team already knew everything, they just needed an outsider to support the process, nothing else.

So I spent all the Sunday morning at PA Nepal and I really enjoyed it, it was fun. I had the opportunity to put my head in something interesting, stuff I have been doing in the past and I really liked it. It was also for me an opportunity to refresh my “project” planning skills.

By spending time with Indira and team (I got also a super delicious meal), I honestly felt energized and well satisfied. This is about the power of volunteering. Be careful, it contagious…. But it is for good.

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