Face Book, WhatsApp and Skype: please show me the way on how to save my time

Micro Text Sharing

Millions of people are benefiting of WhatsApp texting all over the world but again how the persons are making uses of it?

Can we analyze the time people are putting in while sending instant messages? Is it really of value?

Definitely WhatsApp builds on SMS and we all use mobile texting. The problem for me is being so instantaneous. Like Skype.

Sometimes I hate the Skype messaging service and I do sometimes try to call friends with skype instead of using the mobile but it seems Skype messaging works better and is much preferred regardless of being highly time consuming. What’s the difference, after all, of making a call through skype rather than mobile?

Of course, people can do whatever they want; no one can restrain them from spending time sending short messages all over the time even if this can imply an over and superfluous communication that becomes futile and pointless.

Can this be somehow measured in terms of benefits for the society? Sure that there ways to make the best out of applications like WhatsApp and Skype messaging but while I am unconvinced about their real financial value, I am still looking for some sort of guidelines on how to use them most effectively and how they can really save my time.



I totally agree with your

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