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One of the most discussed topics in Indian media past few weeks has been the division of Andhra Pradesh into Telangana and Seemandhra. The bifurcation of the existing State of Andhra Pradesh was decided by the Cabinet members sitting at the Centre. The Constitution of India gives the Centre the rights to decide bifurcation of any State without consensus of the State government. This has led to unrest in Andhra Pradesh. The decision was declared in the month of July 2013. Ever since there has been opposition, turmoil and warning from state leaders. (http://www.ndtv.com/article/south/a-month-of-protests-against-bifurcation-of-andhra-pradesh-412625)

I was in middle of writing another article when I switched on TV to get abreast with latest news headlines. I was disgusted after I saw the news.  The region is facing severe setback as government departments are on strike. Private hospitals have shut down. Doctors have gone on strike. Curfew has been declared in Vizianagaram also known as Vijayanagaram (Northern coastal district of Andhra PradeshIndia).  There is scarce or no power supply in cities hence no point discussing the situation in the rural areas of the region.  Prices of petrol and basic commodities have raised manifolds.  To quote the prices mentioned on the news channel milk is being sold at Rs. 82/ ltr. The curfew is lifted only for an hour and people are supposed to finish all their chores in the stipulated time period.  The ATMs have run out of cash. Colleges and schools are functioning for namesake, there are no classes being held. Public transport is badly hit. All this hasn’t instigated me to write this article, I was taken aback by what I saw while news channels were covering situations in the government hospitals.

The patients of burn ward, ICU and children in incubator are in pathetic situation. With no power supply and general break down in administration there is no proper management at the hospitals. The family members of those admitted, are personally attending to their needs. The burn ward is stinking and patients are in a highly uncomfortable situation. Parents of children in incubators are losing hope.  There is no one to listen to the outcry and concern, no one to share their emotions.

Why can’t the politicians act mature! Why should ‘we’- the citizens so severely suffer for their deeds (not that under normal circumstances we are not suffering enough)? Why are they not answerable and liable towards the ‘janta’ (citizens) where and when it is needed (janta appears only in their manifestos at the time of elections)?

Sometimes India and Indian political system leave me bewildered.  How does this country and her people function!!??  At one end we boast about our rich culture because we treat each of natures’ creation with respect from animal to trees to water. However when it comes to practice, we are do not empathise with our fellow human beings.  Yes, it’s true and glaring at our faces.  We have a law that says committing suicide is illegal however when acts of the government kill you, that’s not anybody’s concern.  It is time democracy acts democratic. Janta’s sevak (Helper- as politicians prefer to call themselves) should act like sevaks and not masters.  


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