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'The Stream App is a new way to watch and participate in live Stream. It creates a unique community around the live show.'


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Burn Ward of Bheri Zonal Hospital Nepalgunj

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Last week, I went to the  burn ward of Bheri Zonal Hospital, Nepalgunj. I met with two kids who caught fire in their home. There is a small room with 6 beds. An AC is attached on the wall, but not in function since long time. I have taken few monochrome (B/W) pictures. Here are some pics from my collection.


La.Lit Magazine [Crowdsourcing Literature]

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'La.Lit is a literary magazine that celebrates the beauty of writing. We believe in the power of stories to change people’s lives, and feature original and translated fiction, non-fiction, and poetry; photography and graphic art; and exclusive interviews and news from the world of literature. We publish in English and Nepali, but welcome translations from other languages. We aim to bring contemporary achievements in world literature to Nepal and, equally, take Nepali and South Asian literature to the world.

How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overseas By Joeseph Collins and Zahara Heckscher [Book Spotlight]

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'Learning Service co-authors, Joeseph Collins and Zahara Heckscher, along with Stefano DeZerega, co-wrote “How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overseas”. Check it out, while you’re waiting for the new Learning Service book to come out. The book includes
• Pros and cons of the Peace Corps
• Evaluations of over 80 other volunteer programs
• Tips on selecting and preparing for a volunteer program 
• Instructive stories including “Volunteers from Hell” and “10 Worst Reasons to Volunteer Abroad”

Rethinking International Volunteering: Interview with Claire Bennett, Co-Founder, Learning Service and Co-Author of Re-Thinking International Volunteering

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Claire is one of the co-founder of Learning Service, an advocacy group to “Rethink Volunteer Travel” ( a group of peers, Claire is writing a book “Rethinking International volunteering” that promises to offer a paradigm change in the way international volunteering is experienced. This is fist of a two part interview. The next will be published on 27th of January