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Imagine a world in which people really want to help one another, open their wallets and are kind to others.  What a different world we would live in if there was no poverty, everyone had food security and a roof over their heads, a job, full human rights no matter where they live  and were able to be educated with no child labor. 

Why does it take a major catastrophe, a typhoon for people to change their behaviors even for a short period of time  and care about those living in a different parts of the world?  Why do human beings find empathy and a need to help others primarily through emergencies?    How do we create empathy which moves people to act on a daily basis?  

I’d love to hear your comments and ideas.  

Position: Lover of Life-Change Agent


We are in a cacoon

Why do we need a jolt to jolt us out of our numbness?  The answer probably lies in the nature of hunman beings. Each of us have woven a cocoon around us which has become our comfort zone. To take us out from our comfort zone, we need  something extra- oridinary which then fills us up with a temporary feeling of altruism.  We walk up from our slumber only for a short perod. The rest of the time, we are busy persuing materialic drams , mostly at the cost of others. We share  because we think thatit it relevant at that partular point of time( mostly when there is a National or Inernational catastroph)  and the "less fortunate" can be helped by our philanthropy but never as basic kindness in everyday life. 

Everyday kindness not just between individuals but one that trancends geographical borders, political alliance and nationalities. Only if we van tell ourselves  "I will help my fellow being, because it is my duty as a part of this planet" and freely open our hinds, hearts and resources, half of the world's issues would get solved. 

After the gang-rape that happened in Delhi last December, I promised my self that I'd NEVER again keep mum where I think my voice or my actions might make a diffrence, even if the diffrence is not a big one. 

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