Street Child

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My legs are burning so I’m lying down the street with my whole body to balance the pain. I don’t have food to eat, so I’m staring at yours instead. If anything more, I’m pleading you on your leftovers. All you don’t understand is my body is dusted, my soul is clean. I am as you like to call me, “A street child”.

Nepal, being a beautiful country rich in natural diversity faces lots of problems each day. One of the major problems of today is, “A street Child”. More than 15,000 children are homeless. They are deprived of facilities and rights. The main reasons for these children to reside in streets are poverty, being orphans and family conflicts. They sustain their life by begging, working on construction sites, carrying luggage in the station and the list goes on. It’s the right of every child to get education but these children residing in streets, they are deprived of even the slightest essence of it. Though many organizations have attempted in eradicating or atleast reducing this problem, the number of street children is increasing day by day. Though the carelessness of Nepal Government in proper management may be a chief reason for this but the lack of awareness of the citizens is also nonetheless a contributor.

Until and unless each individual decides to reflect on this problem and work on its eradication, this problem is likely to last forever.


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