Social Causes of Nepal

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IN Nepal, people had faced different social problems with the society. People are living below poverty level. In Nepal people had faced different causes like religion conflict, caste system, child labor, illiteracy, unemployment, gender equality, rapid population growth, superstations, Urbanization, poverty and other problems. These social problems had created due to lack of proper education and proper employment opportunity. In the society women and girls had faced gender equality and discrimination problems. Nepalese society had given birth more children's helps to increase the rapid population growth People had migrated from one place to another place for different reasons for living quality life. In modern society there is no proper urbanization and have no proper planning of infrastructures for development. Due to illiterate people have no proper knowledge of education for making aware of people had faced their problems. We should provide solutions to prevent from this social cause is to provide mass meeting and conducts public campaign program for raising this issue in the society. We should provide quality education is to become aware from that social issues and conducts income increasing skills and training facilities helps to increase employment opportunity for the people. We should provide course defense opportunity for women and girls helps to overcome for women discrimination in the society. We had punished these people that had created conflict to the people in the society. We had established social reforms with the representatives of society helps to conducts different problems help to reduce the social barriers and problems faced in the society

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