Respect and Love your Parents.

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When you were born, Your parents were the first to hold you. They were the first to teach you how to walk, eat, drink, behave and helped to be social. They were always present at your difficult times. Whenever you got in trouble the first person you'd run to were your parents. Your dad was your superman and mom, your superwoman at your irrelevant times. Mom bought you everything you desired and dad guarded you from any danger you might come across. Remember ? But why do people show no love, respect and care to them when they grow old ? Growing old is a part of our life. Everyday, every hour, every minute and every second we are growing old. So, does that mean that if something grows old, it has not use anymore ? No. Totally untrue. People must respect everybody equally, regardless of their age group, race, caste and sex. People must show equal love to everybody.. Actually, by the phrase "Love" I mean not only the relationships that couples have, but the love that bonds families together. The love that make a friendship alive. The love that forms brotherhood and sisterhood.
People of today have learnt to take love but not to give love. That's what is making this world so cruel to live in. There are alot of humans, but we have less humanity. Is it right to ignore the people who brought us up and spent their precious lifetime just to see us being successful ? That would be an absolute NO. We need to love them more than they gave us because without their love, we would never in the position that we are in now. Therefore instead of neglecting them, we must show our humanity and give them the love that they have always expected from us.
If it's a matter to live, even a dog would survive for itself. But we are a social animal, therefore we must live and help others live as well. If you lose your soulmate, you will definitely get an another one. but if you lose your parents you will never get an another one.


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