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We are abusing Nature at an alarming rate. I want to in some manner reach out to people and share the ways in which we can reduce and recycle in our day to day lives. I'm passionate about preserving our Earth and appreciate the traditional methods that were used by us which didn't result in intoxication of the nature.

I get disturbed when I observe that people use a lot of plastic and other non-degradable products. At the same time people also misuse and abuse natural products and bio-degradable products. Our generation has started relating their standard and status in society with use of the latest products. And in this race to stand out from the others we also end up abusing the environment, polluting it and misusing it.

We often disregard reuse of non-degradable products like plastic jar, aluminium foil, plastic carry bags, tetrapak containers etc.  Most time we throw away such items that can be easily reused. The simple step of reusing will automatically result in reducing our contribution towards waste creation. 

We are eager to throw away items that we have used only ones; however we never sit down and think whether it will be disposed properly, will it be actually sorted for recycling, even for that matter will it reach the correct disposal bin container. This attitude of ours shows that we are not bothered about waste creation and we do not consider it our responsibility. I recall an incident that happened recently  I was traveling from Gurgaon towards Ghaziabad and if you happen to notice there is massive dump yard that appears on your right hand side. My friend said "A hill in middle of the city, I never knew it existed." I quickly corrected and said "It's a heap of waste." To my surprise he was so shocked and only words he could utter were "So much waste."

However this is how most of us are, we consider it end of our concern the moment we throw away last days waste into the municipality dustbin or even worst outside our homes on the road. We assume it will be cleaned, removed etc. and it is governments’ responsibility to ensure it gets picked from there. Why aren't we personalising it or taking responsibility for it like other things like education- government has a mandate to provide free and quality education to all children between 6-14 years of age- we don't wait for government to come and enroll our children rather we take it up our concern and enroll them in schools, Health- government has provided for free health care facilities however we do not risk our lives in governments' hands we take special interest in the health of our near and dear ones.

The point here also is that we should heed to the mismanaged and reckless depletion of nature. It will one day start showing direct influence on our day to day lives like health, living conditions, lifestyle etc. Not that we are immune to it currently however there are no major signs that we recognize in our health. 



Wah wah! Party time Mrs.

Wah wah! Party time Mrs. Nidhi Dubey Chauby! Congrats! :)

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