One Day !!!

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The day we met,I got a vibe,
 will you shine with me or just let me go by;
it just started normal,and I was gettin lil fumble
 as there were so many differences,even though there were no indifferences !!
You were sweet and bumble,bt undercover you are pile of troublesome thunder
You are ready to kickon the world,making your rules liveby;
and make it bigger in life,not letting anyone cry !!
You got your own vibe,refreshing as morning dew with honey nectar on side
  fresheness of life,is flowing from you out of this worldly vice
You fear the Lord,and sincere to your faith;
        wish to live under his arms,without HIS wrath !!
You were a Light,after every demise of life; that I see you in,as you can torch up my life !!
You are an unknown quest, that needs a journey of its own bequest
    getting you understand,was never been so easy,
as sometimes you are happy,and sometime Lazy !!
I wait for you complete day long,to hear from you,
  even though the topic wud be unknown !!
I feel so nice,even though you are quiet as ice !!
 but the warmth of your smile,makes me so blithe
I know we are not ready,as I am in anguish and you are in averse with time
 but the Time is the factor of life,
I am happy with you,the way you describe.
   but the story doesnt end here,as I have something more to describe
" So here we go in ma Style "
She’s the kind of person who’d never pretend,not even if her life depend..
She’d speak his mind out loud;She can leave u speechless and gasping for your breath
   She can awe you with her laugh;A laugh that can send a thrill through you deep inside
As her mind runs at the speed of ligh;even in the dark of the night she’s brilliant and bright
She can think of things that you wouldn’t dare imagine
       She has a knack of knowing when you cry;
         She has a talent for understanding when you’re low and dry
For her smartness and her loyalty
For her faith and her honesty
For her laugh and propriety;SHE should know that She’s Loved tonight !!!
Position: !! Nomadic Wanderer !!

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