Life- Not too certain

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Earlier this morning at around 4:45 AM, there occurred an accident in Bangai village, Kapilvastu district- A bus named NAGRIK of Bheri Transport, on the mahendra highway(the longest one of Nepal which connects East to West) collided against the back of a Truck, loaded with rods. Now you might say why I'm even mentioning it as such accidents happen very often in our country, but what I saw, felt, witnessed and did was that I might never forget even though I would want to. The heavy thud woke me up since my house is only about 20 meters from the spot where the accident took place. I looked outside as I saw people rushing to the spot after hearing the shouts and help calls from the passengers in the back seats. I too ran to the spot. Passengers in the back seats were safe but scared to death. A few youths including me summoned up some nerves to enter inside the bus to help and rescue the casualties. However, we doubt if all of the quickly rescued ones were alive when we tried to rescue them because one was ,we guessed was dead- he didn't seem to breath nor move nor his veins accured to be felt. Right then my friends heard a baby crying which was seated with his mother on the seat behind the door. I saw them help her and her child get out of the bus as I was still unable to figure out what had just happened. Later, us all started taking out the injured ones from the front row as the other guy phoned the ambulance. Seeing the injured ones struggling to breath with their face covered in blood turned the atmosphere tragic. We somehow in a matter of five odd minutes put three of the wounded ones onto the ambulance and suggested the ambulance driver speed up to Butwal, the nearest city(37kms northeast) having zonal hospital. I started praying in my mind to the god that nothing should happen to these. I was strill trying to realise the enormity of the accident as one friend from the inside the bus yelled," there is a guy stuck in here!" We understood the situation had gotten worse and direful. I tried bending an aluminium which was blocking the way to get that stuck man out. God knew how shocking that was- we struggling to take him out while he was gasping breathe heavily which could have been his last ones too. We landed him on the grass and freed some space to let through some air for him. Waiting for the another ambulance's arrival at the spot, not sure what to do, I decided to feel his pocket and reached for his phone. There it was; I unlocked his phone and went to the dialer to see the number he had last dialed was his father's. I hit the call straight away and with my heart beating miles a second; I got courage to tell his father that the bus his son took the other night met an accident and that his son seemed to lose consciousness but was breathing fine. I stressed on my words 'breathing fine' three-four times because I was too afraid to shock his father lest he might as well faint. I found out he was from some suburb near Dang district which would take maybe three hours to reach Butwal if came by reserved vehicle. I hung up telling his father to come to Lumbini Zonal Hospital at Butwal, where his son was being taken to. Unsconcious one along with slightly injured ones were helped onto the ambulance promptly. I could see that my clothes stained blood, as a though a porpent reminding me of this saddening experience. No sooner had the ambulances gone than I came to my original sense and realised how delicate us humans are. How it takes a few seconds to take some lives away, how in a matter of a second one can go crippled and get their body broken. I wonder why a human turns his back on another, how one can hurt another for the one who hurts is also the same tiny fragile human who can get snapped just as others in a matter of a few seconds, for who he harms can also get easily harmed, for he takes others life can also lose his life untimely. Why all this hates and debates for? There is no need for anybody to stay boastful about for us all will die someday- sooner or later. It has been all disheartening to me and my friends that we got informed by the Butwal police that one out of six injured had died at hospital owing to blood hamorrhage. We were also told that the boy's father reached Butwal by 10:00 AM by ambulance having booked an ambulance himself (One can feel the love of father for his child). It was wholly heartbreaking to wake up to such dreadful accident which costed a lot and even worse to discover a passenger lost his live in hours. I wish to forget this experience as soon I can and I wish no humans would have to go through such trauma and torment- my thoughts and prayers go out to the berieved family.


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