IS IT MAGIC IN NEPAL................?

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      Till before few months, plans and policies made by the Nepal government were limited only in the paper. The departments of government were in the speed of tortoise. It will not be bias if we tell them that they were sleeping. Many of the strategies for development are fixed only in the form of speech given by our political leaders.

                But, what magic is going on nowadays in Nepal. It is really incredible. Of course, the unbelievable things are going on because of 18th SAARC summitment here in Kathmandu, Nepal. When we hear the news, we find that most of the meeting held was ended without any agreement. But really today Nepal is gaining a new day because the meeting held on the basis of SAARC summitment plans has been succeed.

                The people passing the Tribhuwan International Airport always used to close their nose. It was difficult on that area moving without mask. But recently how the Tribhuwan International Airport is being really an International airport. The green vehicles which donot come on time to pick up the drainage is now before the time. Actually, what has happen in Nepal, really hard to believe?

                Lets talk with the matters of Singh durbar and Dharara. Today we can see the renovation of wall in Singh durbar. The huge gate is now became the real gate. Till this date, none of the infrastructure development committee find to remake the Singh durbar. While travelling through aside we clearly can see the poor condition of the walls. But now, we got a new look. Sometimes, we local people have to pinch ourselves to make sure that are we on real life. Furthermore, it is amazing to see the bright of dharara within two days work. It is awful.

                     It is glad to say that the most crowded and polluted place of Kathmandu, Banshewor is now not less than the place of Switzerland. In previous days, the poor made roads led to many accidents. There was no light system and greenery in the road. But, today each corners of Banshewor has solar light and more over the cc camera. The well maintained road there provide the smooth flow of vehicles. Sufficient traffic in each corner slow down the rate of robbery and accidents.

              It is the matter of the issue that is the development work in Nepal started or just pretending. We are unknown about that. The coming time will obviously make us clear. Anyway, it is happy moments that we are able to see the development work in country like Nepal. Nepalese citizens will be happier if it never ends.




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