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I knew Arvind Kejriwal through a documentary that has given by Mr. Vinay Kasajoo in 2008. When I had participated in, the training related to writing skill in Dhangadhi. Kasajoo has given five documentaries related to the right to information campaign of India. Among them "Hamara Paisa Hamra Hisab" was interesting for me. There was a man who went to the community with the han mick and he started shouting with some slogan. After some time, local people gather around him and he told the people that, "we are paying the tax to the government so who is the owner of it?"

From that point, I knew the Kejrawal and committed myself that I will also raise voice about the Right to Information in Nepal. I am even watching this documentary if I have to gain more energy in my body to do something for the RTI campaign. 

Now Kejriwal is the chief minister of Delhi. There is no chance that he can know me. However, when I knew him I did some research through the internet about him and his organization Parivartan. I knew that he got many award for being an emerging leader of the Asia. That documentary such have a great impact in my life that how a common people can change the existing situation. That is the one major learning from the Kejriwal.

 Everybody knows that he has a very good commanding voice and he can easily draw the mass toward him. He is talking about the ground level; he knows well the problem and the situation of the community people.

 We know that he has a very important role in RTI Campaign of India. He was not only fought to create pressure and advocacy to pass the RTI act from parliament. He went to the community and bound his relation with them; it helps him to sensitize people about the importance of RTI. That is why we can see the many changes in India because of people succeed to use the RTI act properly. We can say that his movement for RTI act is the base for him to form Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

He and his team's planning and campaigned method attracted many youth and media. Therefore, we can see the several documentaries about the RTI campaign of India.

 It was not a very easy decision to for AAP separating with the Anna Hajare during the Lok Pal Bill movement. Kejeriwal decided to form a party to end corruption from India. 

After a year of AAP formation now, he has become a chief minister of Delhi. This journey was not easy. He gets more support from the educated youth, media, social media and the crowd. AAP's campaign method and technics are very interesting which made them enable to reach to the people and spread their message. Definitely, this journey is not easy to Kejriwal because he raises the very important issues related to the daily life of common people. People have more expectation on Kejriwal and his party. Therefore, at this time if they failed to fulfill it they will not save their position in the next election.

Nowadays there are various discourses that we also want a leader or party like kejriwal and AAP in Nepal. It can be a hypothesis, but it is not impossible if we learn something from their movement. Youth power is not very stable power. In the first constituent assembly election, most of the people gave vote for UCPN UML and to Congress and CPN UML at this time. It shows that our vote bank is not stable. They want some change. Therefore, if our youth political leader or a common person can learn or adopt some techniques from India's RTI campaign or the activism of Kejriwal and AAP it is not impossible.


In addition, there is an importance among our political leader and bureaucrats that "they should not disrespect the power of a common person." They think themselves superior and the people are their servant who has to obey their order. However, it is not true, they are given the vote so they elected as a leader, and they are paying the tax so that they are getting their salary. Therefore, the question is who the owner is and who have to follow the instructions.


Definitely the political leader and the government bureaucrats because they are there because of the people. If they start to respect the common people definitely, the new Nepal is not far. 

Position: Inspirator in ActionAid International Uganda


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