Band Aid 30, when music fights Ebola! All good and deserving but does Africa still need this kind of charity?

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We certainly need to raise money for ebola and rock stars under the banner of Band Aid 30 are deserving and well intentioned. Yet Africa, despite the challenges, is a continent on the rise, where investments rather than charity count most.

Dear CEOs, thinking about doing some charity? Let your staff decide

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A letter to all the CEOs about a simple but effective way to empower their employees with responsibilities in the philanthropic aspect of Corporate Responsibility or Corporate Social Responsibility: setting up a charity committee.

Are you a traditional player? Then Impact first, Sustainability later

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How to deal with the financial imperative affecting most of the traditional NGOs? Is there really a paradigm change towards revenue models? Are all destined to become social enterprises? Is financial viability so important? Is there a middle path? Sustainability should be encouraged but be careful…

When the schools become purple, then the branding comes first

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Charity and philanthropy although representing only a part of the “picture”, still have a dominating role in the much broader concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) .Marketing considerations must be taken into account if a company decides to step in the way NCELL has. Is this the only way? Is a compromise possible?

The Code of Conduct for Business Sector: when ethical means CSR

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CSR is about win win situations where everybody can gain from profitable products with the lowest possible impact on the environment and respect for human rights and for the local communities. The Code is of good value and well reflects, although partially, key tenants from the international tools related to CSR. If implemented, it can offer a pathway to generate trust among citizens and society

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