Orphanage Volunteering: An Interview with Martin Punaks, Country Director, Next Generation Nepal


Next Generation Nepal has recently released its long-awaited report, The Paradox of Orphanage Volunteering: Combating child trafficking through ethical voluntourism. The report was launched on 11th December 2014 at a Conference on Orphanage Volunteering run by UNICEF Nepal and Next Generation Nepal.
The report can be downloaded here:

If you never volunteer before, You could start doing it for yourself. How the Ego Theory of Volunteering can create a new wave of volunteers.

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Volunteering is always a “give and take” and there is nothing wrong starting with the taking part. You can start volunteering for yourself even without thinking too much about your motivation. After all by volunteering you can learn so many things, new skills, new connections and if you live overseas, it can make you feel part of the community.

Sharu Shrestha wins the ENGAGE Corps Best Volunteer Award

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At ENGAGE we look for volunteers who dare to make a little but tangible difference and Sharu is one of them. We strive to have with us young Nepali citizens who are passionate about serving others unassumingly and without much visibility. Sharu went far beyond the average.

Promoting a SAARC Capital of Volunteerism

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If Barcelona can become the Capital of Volunteerism in the EU for 2014, why not a South Asian city can aspire to something similar? Volunteerism can renovate a new sense of unity and common belonging in the region while fostering the foundations for a better and more equal society.

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