How the refugees crisis will shape the future of the European Union

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The increasing divide between eastern and western members of the EU in how to handle the refugee crisis can offer a new impetus to a new federated union among the euro countries while easterners, Scandinavian and British will be more than happy simply with an economic block.

Leveraging aid to boost poverty eradication through private sector. A good idea but not that easy.

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Aid can boost the role of private sector’s investments to ensure an end to poverty but the road ahead is not that easy. The EU recently came up with a new strategic framework. The move is positive but much more homework must be done

Promoting a SAARC Capital of Volunteerism

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If Barcelona can become the Capital of Volunteerism in the EU for 2014, why not a South Asian city can aspire to something similar? Volunteerism can renovate a new sense of unity and common belonging in the region while fostering the foundations for a better and more equal society.