Stand UP Nepal and protects the rights of nepali migrant workers. Maybe a new Occupy Baluwatar is what is needed

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I just came back from a short holiday spell in Malaysia and wherever I go I love reading local news. On the last day  I got a couple of free of charge local dailies. I found a really tiny story about Nepali migrants who got arrested because they protested to their employer against the death of one of their compatriot who had suddenly fallen sick. The colleagues had approached the employer asking for medical help but the latter refused.  Once the Nepali worker died unattended, the rage of the colleagues and friends erupted against the boss. Police turned up and some of the protesters got arrested and possibly repatriated.

Back to Kathmandu, I double checked on major English newspapers to see if they had reported the accident. I did not find anything. At the same time, maid workers from Indonesia and Philippines are on strike in Honk Kong to protest the torture suffered by one of their colleagues. Even the Indonesian President intervened and made a public statement saying justice will be made.

Where are we? Where are the Nepali politicians? Where are the national media outlets? We should express our anger against the inhuman conditions suffered by Nepali workers in all the receiving countries but ultimately it is up to Nepali Government  to “politely” raise its voices. Of course Nepal starts with a position of weakness while dealing with countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia or Malaysia but ultimately something must be done. Civil society should put pressure on the Government of Nepal in order to protect the rights of Nepali working overseas. I mean here real pressure through strong campaigning and mass mobilization. Maybe a new Occupy Baluwatar?

There is no political transition nor constitution making that should prevent the government of a sovereign country like Nepal to exercise its legitimate prerogatives to protect its own citizens who are keeping the country afloat. For 20.000 NRS or even much  less.

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