Photographing child?

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When we say children, what image does it come to your mind. Smiling image, innocent look, vulnerable or hopeful. 

It is either hobby or profession for many to capture images. And capturing image of chidlren must be the best part as they reflect many emotions , mostly Joy. 

Therefore, just take a few note to ponder: 

  •  Let's not portray child as victims in the picture.
  •  Stop taking photographs of children with torned clothes, half bodies shown, and revealing them in  images for any bad events that has happened in their life/families. ( Telling difficult stories of children is still possible without revealing their faces in images because it is not just a face, it is about right and dignity too ) 
  •  Lets understand that even child needs respect. Dignity is not just for adults.

Every children are special. Everyone from the one that wakes up in a warm bed to the one that wakes up in cold street.

Let's love and show much respect towards the children even in photographs, 

More Ideas ? let's share , 

Finally, We all have passed that childhood where there were at least some people who have helped, supported and guided without being asked. Today, we can recall these people and be like one of them for the child next to you. And when you take their photos they also will have your good image captured in their mind forever.  






Photo courtesy : Myself :)





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