Let out the laughter!

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My face rearranges itself into a smile at the slightest. My laughter rises through me like bubbles. And I laugh (quite literally) at the face of fear, discomfort, anger and everything else you are not “supposed” to laugh at.

While the internet will provide you enough explanations about the possible reasons behind this “inappropriate” reaction and how it is good for you, here is what I have come to believe.

Laughter is good: No matter what triggers it. No matter how less or more of a judgmental person that makes you. But there is a catch. If you are laughing for yourself and not at someone else, it works as something that will light you up and through you the room. However, if the laughter is in derision of the person (s) before you it will just shadow your soul. Not good. Too expensive for Karma!

Laughter is your friend: Yes, you may believe you are in love. And you may be the King/ Queen in the life of that person. But what is within you is supreme. And if that is laughter- swing it. Let’s just deal with this, you would be totally alone in your head at your worst times. And when you see yourself laughing, you will know there is a friend in there.

Laughter is your firefighter: Hmm. So what is it? Complicated depressing distressing relationships? Being badgered by your best friends on the series of stupidities that has defined your life? Trying to figure out what on Earth were you thinking when you  build up a “creepy people” collection in your life? If you can’t think straight and you are the types who haven’t really gotten around to learning how to honestly cry and you feel laughter coming up. Laugh!

And once you are back on your feet after rolling about a little at the ridiculousness of the situations you find yourself in and the overwhelming clouds clear out a bit, trust me you will have managed to find ingredients to make that tequila life trusted you to use the lemons for.

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