Education, the right of every child

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Dr. William Ellery Channing, a well known writer said that "it is a greater work to educate a child, in the true and larger sense of the word, than to rule a state". Indeed it is true that to educate a child is becoming a great challenge in Nepal.

According to the Article 28 of UN convention on the rights of the child primary education should be free and compulsory. Similarly the act of 2000, millennium development goal is set to be universal primary education.  In the same way Nepal too has set up education as a fundamental right for all the people in the Interim constitution. Nepal government is also adopting a policy of education for all by 2015.

The current literacy rate of Nepal is 64% while 10 yrs back it was 53%.

Nepal government claims that net school enrollment of students have reached to 93% it means still 7% of children never have been to school. This is the present condition of Nepal in the field of education which is one of the most important prerequisites of development. According to the latest survey school drop out and class repetition rate is very high in Nepal. The reports from ministry of education shows that more than 50% of students drop out from school before even completing primary education, in this way only less than 25% of students are able to step into grade 10.

Gov. has invested a lot of money in education sector to improve it but still within 2000 to 2010 the literacy rate has increased only by 11%. In this way, to make 100% literacy rate we will require at least 36 years.

Education is the backbone of a country's development. it helps to change in the behavior of a person. It helps to endure a sign of civilization, development and betterment of literature. It also helps to inbuilt the character of any individual. It also helps any person to gain reputation, status and recognition in the society.

There is a vast role of government for improving education sector in our country. The government improves policies of education system and launch subsidies and scholarship provisions for needy children and children from different circumstances. Attention should be given to quality enhancement in schools providing adoption of new technologies and access of equipments and physical facilities. Added that schools need to be free from politics.

Education is more than a luxury; it is a responsibility that society owes to itself. Therefore, parents and society need to monitor quality in the school as well as the students realizing their roles and responsibilities so that education can be endured to every one and so that our country can prosper.




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