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               Nepal is culturally developed country. There are about hundreds of culture following their own religion, values and norms. Though many cultures in Nepal are well developed from social point of view, Chepang’s culture is still in the same dark as it was on Stone Age. Education and chepangs are totally separated from each other. Life is in danger if they want education.

              How chepangs struggle for education? What are the obstacles they need to face for getting education? Is there life is secure when gaining the education? These are the major questions which describe the situation of chepangs people.

              It was the time of dawn when I was viewing the site of Trishuli River. Some words are roaming around my mind about how lucky is Nepal. Suddenly two girls appeared in the next bank of river. They were in blue shirt and grey skirt. I too saw books on their hands. I was wondering about the matter that why school’s girls are in bank of river instead of going to school. After a certain interval of time I was amazed by their activities. They brought a tube at the bank and sat on it. One of them is carrying all books where as other is holding the slipper on her hands. By producing the backward wave of water, slowly they left the bank. Soon, they were heading towards me.

             After about 10 minutes they reached in next corner of the bank where I was there with innocent looks. I asked them about their reasons of keeping their life in danger. The taller one said me that there is no school in their village. So they need to cross the river to get in the school aside in city. Dwarf girl told me that because of unavailable of bridge, they are forced to cross river with the help of tube.

             I still remember the situation of those girls from chepangs family. For bringing such culture up, there need to be creation of strong bond between education, their life and those people. But till this date their source of formation of bond is weak.




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