Amazing disease : Progeria

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I became familiar with this disease when I watched the movie "Paa" in which the character "Auro" is suffering from the disease Progeria. It is a disease that produces rapid aging, beggining in childhood. It is rare condition that is remarkable because its symptoms strongly resemle normal human aging but occur in young children.

Over 90% of children with Progeria have a mutation on the gene that encodes the protein lamina. Progeria usually causes without cause, it is very rarely seen in more than one child in a family. 

Some of its signs and symptoms are:

  • Growth failure during first year of life.
  • Narrow, shrunken or wrinkled face.
  • Baldness
  • Loss of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Most of the symptoms are similar to the aging. Unfortunately the life span of the victim suffered from this disease is 20-25 years. There is no treatment of this disease.


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