Ache in the back because of bag

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With weight as equivalent to eight kgs, almost one third of their total weight; they walk, carrying their bags to schools. This is the bitter reality of private schools of different countries. I pondered why they have to carry such heavy loads on their slender shoulder. Doctors say it shouldn't be more than 10 percent of their total bodyweight. I did enquiry with some of the kids myself on that note. The responds I was replied to, really astonished me. They do it because of their schools' pressure, asking them to bring all the books and copies. What saddens me the most was that they are compelled to come to school with all of their eight subjects' copies, each subject having two different copies- homework and classwork. So precisely saying, it's 17 copies, including a rough one; and 8 books what their bags are filled with. It has to be a matter of serious concern because for all we know, it hinders kids' bodily system. From damage of of spine which is growing to their posture problems; these are what such backpacks prompt. This apart, their mind is burdened with weight which leads to decrement in the attention to study. Besides, it leads to musculosketal problems. It puts stress on the muscles,disk and ligaments too. They suffer posture problems, like tending to bend forward and sideways. On the other hand, this all hampers physical development, experts caution. Susmita Ghimire, a sixth grader, upon asked, replies to my question if such heavy weights hurt- YES,they do. The problems of several such kids are akin to each others- ache in the back. According to her, pupils are told to bring Geometry kits and a school diary, which she finds unnecessary. She says that classwork copies and extra diary are only abundant, adding to already bore burden. On the pretext of giving nice education, private schools of Nepal are taking pupils' health for granted. Parents must be made aware to keep an eye on their kid's backpack to avoid any future physical problems. Above all, schools administration and the teachers must also be reminded of the fact that those are kids not porters.

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