Youths and Video Games.

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Video Gaming has become the most viral trend throughout the world.

In this world full of depression and anxiety, Video games have been able to make people refreshed and forget all the problems they face whenever they decide to get into the digital world of video gaming. It is so shocking that Video gaming has earned enormous popularity in a very unbelievably short time lapse.

These days, adults seem to enjoy playing video games on weekends rather than going for adventurous trips to explore new destinations.

And this trend is growing on as new technology continues the improvement in the sector of gaming which undoubtly will make the youths more attracted to new innovation of groundbreaking gaming generation. This leaves us with a devastating imagination of the future.

Video Games are giant magnets hiding behind slim screens of modern day computers and mobile phones. Once youths get attracted to this magnet, there seems a very difficult and painful way out of this digital world. It is very easy to enter this pleasure but a very expensive price is to be paid for this privilege: Time.

Video Gaming is very addictive in nature and due to the level of realness in the animation; peoples can barely take off their eyes. It has been a trend to choose gaming instead of launch for most of the adults.

And the stories of people quitting their gym sessions or dance classes just to spend more time on video games never stops hitting around on the neighborhoods.

Teenagers now days suffer from poor grades in school because of addiction to these pleasurable soft wares. Not only poor grades result from these games, but also aggressiveness and brutal habits .

Teenagers who spend hours in game related to violence develop aggressive ,unmoral and sometimes hyperactive habits in themselves.

Not only unprecedented habits are result of excessive gaming but also health problems.

Adults who spend abnormal time on gaming often have unhealthy habits of eating and usually have less physical exercise schedule.

Moreover, excessive gaming on bright screens often leads to severe damage in the eyesight and visibility. Although they are viral throughout the corners of the world, they do not possess positive influence or impact on the youth.

They are very expensive forms of pleasure and virtual world. A very serious question is left behind: Are video Games worth it?


Position: Sophomore, The University of Toledo

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