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The ending doesn’t make sense
Especially when the beginning was beautiful
Beautiful isn’t big enough to describe it though
I would rather go for fabulous
And because even that ain’t enough I’d go for marvelous.
It’s funny how You and I can make sense at one moment
And at the next it can be utter chaos
It is more like we’re the same soul and
At the same time we can be way off.
We need not always make sense
But I know you still know me
After all who would in the first go say ‘You are cute’
And keep on repeating it again and again
Until it melt me from inside with embarrassment !!
The Smiles and the Flicks
The hotness of your moves
Your undulating honesty
And your ever loving smile
Your simplicity and generosity
And the jalebi-ness of your mind.
Your concern for this person sitting behind you
Your wordly jokes that make me wanna smack you
Your questions that make me head spin around
Your warmth and everything about you
Makes me not wanna leave you.
But your are right, You always are
"Dekha jo tujhe yaar
Dil mein baji guitar"
I cant let myself feel this way
And this has to be a Tender Goodbye !!
Position: !! Nomadic Wanderer !!

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