A war on baby girls

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Why did they kill me before I was born? Why could not you keep me alive? I was looking at the world through your eyes, but they terminated me before I could open my eyes. They snatched me away from you illegally, you could have saved me. You must have been compelled and bounded by the social norms but I know you had the strength to fight for the life of your baby. I was happy playing inside you. I could feel your joy, your impatience for my arrival. Unfortunately, you could not hold me in your hands. You could not pour all the love and care you wanted to. Mom……! Why did you grow so feeble? Your dreams and desires ended up with that one operation. The operation that threw me away from you like your useless part. I guess, I was not meant to be compared with the word ‘useless’ because of a small reason that I was a ‘baby GIRL’.

Every child deserves a family. So did I. Man, you helped plant me but refused to accept me before I arrived just because you wanted a baby boy. There is no man that does not wish to have a wife, if not wife then they love their mother the most. If so, then why can’t they have the same love and respect for me?? People choose male child over me knowing that I am not less in any aspects than the male child. Though you killed me, you will know my importance very soon. I don’t understand man, how will you run the whole world without me?? I wish you could open up your eyes, see and accept the truth. Without my existence, how will your existence be possible?? And your deed that hurts me is, you even don’t deny murdering me by your own hands before my birth. How pitiless can you be??

Position: Student

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