Teenage Love ? Do they actually succeed ?

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Teenage is a tough period where you will go through so many ups and downs. Teenagers are more sensitive in comparison to adults. Due to the different hormones, they are attracted to opposite sex. They eventually fall in so-called "LOVE" . But teenage love is just a feeling which may fall apart at any moment due to some simple reasons. As they are sensitive, they go through heartbreaks and with no other option, Depression and Suicide.
Teenagers must not be forced to remain calm. They must be awared. Because, even a small kind of external force might bring a great change in their behaviour and mentality. Therefore, we must know that love is a feeling that happens. It cannot be forced to happen nor can be wished for someone else to fall for anybody. But teenage love is dangerous at some point. When they go through a heart break, they fall in the trap of Depression and eventually,Suicide. Therefore great care must be given to the teenagers by their parents for their betterment.
Parents must know that Love is a feeling everybody has to bear for someone. So, instead of forcing them not to fall in Love, they must aware them about the consequences it can bring after they fall for someone. They need to assist their child at their difficult times. They must aware their children about what depression is and how it is caused. Since, "Prevention is better than cure" , it would not harm anyone if we aware our children about depression, love and suicide from the young ages. Instead of taking the teenagers to hospitals, parents should know that Depression is a common feeling that happens to almost everybody, and they must try to give Parental Advisory and consciousness. If you know you're falling into the trap of depression, talk to somebody like family, parents, elders and more often brothers and sisters because they've already been through that stage. Medicines work for sometime, but awareness work for a life time. Therefore, You don't need to fear to fall in Love. Just, don't fall so bad that you break into pieces that it wouldnot be possible to put them back together again.


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