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Teacher Pitambar Subedi - Bachelor in Economics

Since 2062 B.S. as primary teacher Science in Shree Sirjana Secondary School, Dhikur Pokhari 2, Simpali, Kaski. VSO Nepal supports government schools in Kaski to improve quality education.

From April 2012 till April 2013 Shree Sirjana SS got support on interactive teaching and learning strategies in classroom through personal coaching of education advisor Petra Hoeve.


This is the age of competition which is pervasive throughout our society. Without competition, it is difficult to imagine opportunities being created. 

In this context, parents want to ensure that their children’s future is bright through quality education. However, there are dilemmas about quality education amongst parents and even amongst teachers. The level of positive changes in knowledge, skills and attitudes of pupils in basic school education is not clear.

What should time-relative quality education look like and/or what are the positive changes that should be seen in school children which will shape quality education? This is the context for which the level of national education and its objectives should be analyzed.

Weaknesses are visible in terms of implementation of objectives clearly set by the curriculum. The objective of basic/primary level education should be enhancement of social skills, formation of good character and development of such skills that highlights the importance of environment and fosters its conservation.

Our children seem to be good in book knowledge whereas the practical aspects are weak. We can find many educated people in our society whose acts/behavior makes us feel ashamed and wonder if schools really teach social studies.

The quality education we are looking for could be one from which moral character can be built in children, leading to achieving success in their chosen vocational field.  This would help our children to stand strong as in every walk of their lives and help them to achieve their potential.

Teachers are the one responsible to implement the objectives as set forth by the curriculum. To achieve this objective, teachers should be also be studying hard and should be aware of their duties, should be proud of teaching as a profession, should update him/herself about the changing paradigm of time, knowledge, skills and information.

For quality education, teachers are as much responsible as are the parents, school administration and district education office.


Teacher’s Role:

·         Create child friendly learning environments;

·         Use real objects, e.g. pictures etc. as teaching materials;

·         Encourage students  to use learning materials and presenting this information;

·         Encourage the students to exercise their brain while doing class work;

·         Trace and evaluate the practical changes in the students after each unit’s completion. If learning is not reflected in the practice, motivate them for the same; and

·         Conduct written tests for knowledge gains, practical test for technical aspect, and continuous evaluation for attitude/practical aspects are the tools that lead to the right kind of assessment.


Parent’s Role:

·         Provide the material (books, notepads, pen) needs of children;

·         Support their children in doing homework; and

·         Visit the school on a regular basis in order to get information about the progress, study, behaviour, etc.  of their children and take action on the recommendations made by the teachers


State Role:

·         Strictly administer continuous evaluation process in the schools.


If school teaching management can be arranged in the above mentioned ways, quality education can be provided to children.


Position: Lover of Life-Change Agent

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