Stem - your fellow inmate.

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Stem forced the key inside the keyhole. His impatience and impertinence had leapfrogged all levels. No brownie points for guessing he jimmied his luck like a man playing on the roulette. Only difference the man losing his fortune in casino gets to go home whereas Stem spent the long cold night staring at his bed and tawdry antiques from outside his window.

Now, now, who is Stem, a man with a rather odd name? Stem is our evil twin, comfortable residing into our souls. Each time our type cast way of thinking is challenged, Stem either becomes facetious or conscious.  At the rate the world is progressing the latest iPhone alone does not cut it. One needs to be MacHead to show devotion for the brand.  Every so often ‘cheeya banauney didi’ knows a little more about politics than people like us who have been educated ‘abroad’.

Stem the poor follow does everything he is expected to do so much so even holds the girlfriends bags whilst the already arduous shopping.  But how does he stay on top of his game where every guy he is standing next to is his antagonist. With businesses burgeoning, in a way even Nostradamus could not have predicated, what is the guru mantra for this generation? Why are we constantly missing the bus?

Had stem been self disciplined and not given in to his fret that night, he wouldn’t have missed the meeting next day where his boss was proposing his name for partner. His counterpart the chap in the casino had played a swell hand that would help his family not worry about hot food for a month. Tim and casino man were gentlemen who had luck on their side but dint know where to stop or take it easy’. Fervency driven decisions are good but without factoring in the intangible it’s impossible to succeed in our times. Reminds me of the chauffeur my boss had for a while. The driver was a former incumbent of the public transportation. His style of pressing the break in the car teaches a good life lesson. If you wait to stop, till your car has almost touched another’s flipside the result may be catastrophic. The lady in the car messes her make-up, the young kid having  juice spills it and gets slapped by the lady with the messy makeup and as for the mighty sturdy car with no fault of its own deteriorates little by little. 

The global problem of the excited bunch of kids arriving for the first day of college. Too much of attention is placed on NO CELLPHONES AND NO SCREAMING IN THE HALLS. The mind, the little rebel, only wants to do what it has been told not to do. The authority finds the behavior of the screaming kids  irreparable and cages the kids. The creativity in the kids eventually peters out making them soon rebel without causes. This matter of usurp is open to moot but not for today.

Coming back to the life! The key hole, the casino, the college kids, the mighty car, all hold the same moral of the story – Self discipline. Don’t push it to the point where you bend the key, don’t push your luck, totalitarianism is not a good idea, foresee things and be well prepared.

Position: Media Analyst

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