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An inspiring kid who is at his mid-teens is a great photographer and a mountain biker, Sanskar Joshi who was born on Dec 17, 2001 is studying in grade 10 recently. He is best at photography and mountain biking. He is deeply in love with his camera and his mountain bikes.

Sanskar is a self-trained photographer and has interest in what he does. He got inspired by his brother and his uncle who is a photographer to do photography. He enjoys clicking portraits of people and has his photography’s posted on his Instagram account @sanskaar_1104. He is very inspiring as he clicks pictures like a trained professional even though he hasn’t had any classes of photography. 

Sanskar isn’t only good at photography but is also a mountain biker. He liked cycling from when he was a child but only started riding wihen he got in contact with the Bike Farm Nepal. “The first place I went riding was Bungamati with Bike Farm team where I slowly started meeting Pro-riders and went on rides with them”, said Sanskar. The riders from the Bike Farm Nepal and the pro-riders he met were his inspiration. He is getting better every day since then.

“I couldn’t be riding like I’m riding today if I didn’t went on the ride with the Bike Farm”, said Sanskar. He gives his credit to the Bike Farm for inspiring him to be what he is today. He carry outs his training at the Zero Level Bike Park, Sunakothi. He also goes on ride to places such as Hattiban. He want to become a professional mountain biker in the mere future.


Position: Intern ENGAGE

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