Respect, protect, and fulfill the right to bodily autonomy! Ending forced sterilization of women and girls with disabilities

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 - June 6, 2024

Forced sterilization has long been recognized as a grievous violation of human rights,
disproportionately affecting women and girls with disabilities. Despite international efforts to
address this harmful practice and form of violence, it persists in various forms across the world.
Expert guidance, UN resolutions and the CRPD Committee's recommendations provide
comprehensive and clear guidance for addressing this egregious human rights violation. While the
gap between human rights standards and practice remains tragically wide, it is imperative that
States accelerate implemention of these recommendations to eliminate forced sterilization and
protect the bodily autonomy of all women and girls with disabilities. This paper compiles expert and
internationally agreed language on forced sterilization, highlighting that an eliminating forced
sterilization is a human rights obligation, a moral imperative, and a shared global political


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