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In most developed countries, there is a culture of excess.  The rich have more things than they can use.  Many of these things sit around idle.  They are not put to full use.   An Australian entrepreneur, Adam Hodgson, is encouraging us to list our under-utilised assets and spread the joy.  The joy of a holiday in another capital city, the fun an excitement of riding in a boat on a warm afternoon.  You can rent all these experiences on

This is not the standard collaborative consumption business model.  The approach recognises that in a capitalist society, there needs to be financial incentive for many people to do good. RentXS has provided the platform that will help us have a greener planet.

Buy less and rent more. Think about how often you use that caravan.  Has it been sitting in your driveway for 40 or more weeks this year.  RentXS asks the question, why don't you share it and make some money from doing it through a rental fee.  It is good for the enviroment reducing the XS, it is good for the renter giving them an experience that they may not be able to afford, and it is good for the owner of the caravan making some money from something that is sitting around not being used.

If  you are in Australia, what about looking around your house or business and seeing what is sitting around.  Make the world a better place.  Take some action today.;


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