Ramblings about a book : The Little Prince

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Has it ever happened to you that a book has taken control of you?  Absolutely, completely and entirely? When you can think of of nothing else but that character between the pages of the book who has taken possession of your heart. All you wanted was a good time, some fun on the side with no strings attached but what you got was deep attachment and a life long longing to embrace that person and fill him / her with all the warmth that the sun has to offer. A helpless feeling of falling in love with a person who doesn't even exists beyond the book that you hold close  to your heart. You hadn't bargain for this.

This tradeoff is unfair. You wanted to move on to the next  book, the next story, inhabit a different world. But here you are rooted to your chair with a vacant look in your eyes, caressing the words again and again to transfer your love to that person who has come to mean the entire Milkyway to you. All you want to do is drink up his tears and soak in his sunny laughter. You fear for him as if he was real. Has it ever happened to you that you have given your heart to a story? And when the story ends, you feel utterly heartbroken for your journey with the character has come to an end. A protagonist so achingly sweet that he touches the most tender depths of your being and becomes a part of you forever. Forever and beyond. Goodbye becomes the hardest thing to do because this time there wold be no "see yous" only a brutal parting.  The farewell has been done, the salty water threatens to drench my face and I feel strangely bereft , grieving the loss of a wonderful sojourn that made me meet  parts of me that had gone missing somewhere along when life happened. 

My Little Prince... I love you like I love the shine of my eyes that dance with happiness when they imagine you.


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