Payment Getaways In Nepal

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In this world, technology is the most powerful tool. Technology has changed rapidly from this world as many people who have operated technology tools to operate their task smoothly.

It helps us to save time and work will finish due to proper use of technology.

Nowadays, during the lockdown, the advances in technology come really at hands.

As people have not gone any places, they are using mobile apps which we can work from home for a single click.

Payment getaways are services which provide eCommerce applications where we can exchange transactions with credit cards instead of using cash.

Through these digital platforms, we can perform financial tasks operated in different mobile applications and browsing different websites.

A proper utilization of these apps helps us to secure financial transaction confidently and increases costumers’ satisfactions.

Credit cards and debts cards are commonly used for their easy, effective and secure financial transactions and their scope can be really leveraged by e-payment systems.

They are reliable and user friendly to operate online systems.

In Nepal, such kind of financial technology has increased day by day.

People became aware about the latest technologies that can better support, simplify their daily tasks at work.

In Nepal there are different payment getaways produced by talent persons.

Some of them which are the most popular are as follows:

1) E-sewa: It is one of the popular payment getaways in Nepal which invented by Nepal tech entrepreneur.

This payment system operates their website and mobile applications apps.

Through this payment system person can perform their business task efficiently and effectively or clients can monetize their bank account to operate their services using their applications.

We can transfer money from bank of pesewa account.

People can pay electricity bills, transfer mobile money to others account, payment for internet charges, bookings for plane flights and other facilities.

It is operated easily browsing internet through mobile applications. I have a personal experience with E-sewa as I have been using this system at home for the help of mobile phones and their website address is


2. I Pay: I pay is another popular payment system in Nepal. It was also invented by Nepal tech entrepreneur. In this system, person can perform different business tasks using their websites. We can purchase different products which were available in the market with reasonable price through online. People can use for mobile recharging cards and pay internet bills through online. We can download their mobile applications and browsed their website to run their online services. Their address is


3. Khalti: Khalti is one of the best payment systems in Nepal which was again invented by Nepal tech entrepreneur, something we should really be proud of if we think a bit.

It is the digital wallet and payment services. This payment system is also operated through mobile applications and web browsing. We can do different works using their sites.

People can use for paying electricity bills, drinking water bills, internet bills, mobile recharge cards, plane flights, insurance.

We can watch movies for entertainment by using their sites. We can use it to book hotel reservations and other facilities which we can operate easily. It helps us to save the time and convenient used for it and their website address is


4. Nabil Electronic Payment Getaway: Nabil bank is one of the best commercial banks with headquarters in Kathmandu. Banks are needed for running their business and financial transactions. We can create online account for using their online banking system. We can use bank credit cards and debit cards without cashless. In this online bank system, we can transfer money to another person through their online bank system.

Their website address is

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