Participation Playbook launch: Introducing a new tool for planning participatory programs

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Do you want to start, improve or support participatory programs, but you’re unsure what to do? Do you wish you had an easy, accessible and comprehensive resource to help you - and other people in government and civil society - plan for success?

Introducing the Participation Playbook, an interactive online guide that helps you identify participation solutions for your local context, navigate the planning process and develop a personalized roadmap — a playbook tailored to your specific needs!

The playbook is not a regular resource.

We know a multitude of knowledge already exists, but it’s not easy to navigate and find the right info. With over 60 government reformers working to synthesize this knowledge, the playbook provides a “choose-your-own-adventure” tool to design a participation program suited for all contexts. We think this will change how we approach program development in a major way.

The Participation Playbook is useful for a wide range of people, including:

  • Government policymakers, staff members and officials interested in designing or building capacity to implement participatory programs.

  • Civil society organizations or coalitions that advocate for or support participatory programs.

  • International organizations and funders interested in promoting or supporting participatory programs.

Join our event to learn the different types of participatory solutions people can use to achieve their goals, and how People Powered can help you make the most of the tool.

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