Organization based Volunteerism

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The word volunteerism is found misconceptualized and misunderstood in  many context. Volunteerism is seldom desire to serve and that should not be measure in the extent or level of competency. Small effort volunteer works are also equally applaudable if it is done with the best of interest and desire of service. However, there is seen a trend of accepting volunteer based on how much they can contribute, shading the one with minimal efforts, yet with maximum interest.


Recent trend is that, people want to tag along with big social organization  and volunteerism has become a way of social affiliation towards organizations. The organizational based volunteerism has its pros and cons at its cost.

In organizational based volunteerism, volunteering does not remain a personal willingness rather structured by organizational management. Volunteers contribute to organizational need and work structure. Organizational volunteerism integrate mutual ideas and allows holistic learning environment. Moreover mission based organization can be good place for interested volunteers to shape their career in particular social topics. To be specific, organizations loops a system and cycle of work management, allocation and performance tracking that help volunteers to be goal oriented, enhance professional learning and  excel self competence.


The impact of organizational based volunteering in country like Nepal has been immense with numbers of volunteer in each non profit organization. Using concept of volunteerism in achieving social mission gives  society a sense of self involvement opportunity to tackle social issue. I personally believe, volunteering should make a pool of people realize their role as building block to social changes.

The trend of organizational based volunteerism was  initiated with non profit organizational need of manpower. In most of the cases, it is seen that many organization take volunteer enrollment as means of fulfilling  the temporary need of manpower. This is not harsh considering the non commercial purpose of organization.

However, in many donor based social organization volunteers are less respected as selflessly serving human resource. Their efforts are often neglected when it comes to overall  mission accomplishments. This is discouraging factor and any youths get demotivated to be  volunteer. More frustrating is that organization take their volunteers as certain work fulfilling resource whenever needed. But volunteers are not just supplementary employee. Volunteer should be appreciated with respect and welcoming work environment be whatever the efforts is.

Volunteers are social indicators  of future social influencer. One's wish to volunteerism should be more focused for social upliftment rather than organization. Non profit organization can be good starting place for volunteers to learn, share and understand different aspect of our society and the need of social change. Volunteerism is the driving force for aspiring youths towards social responsibility and therefore organization should provide such environment where youth volunteers get enough opportunity to learn and realize their potential.


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