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We are the people who have kept essential services operating through the COVID-19 pandemic — and long before. We take care of children and older people, we provide critical social and health care, we grow, sell and deliver food, we make the things you wear and use. We are the backbone of our communities and the global economy and yet, we are often invisible and undervalued. The global recovery from COVID could leave us behind.


That’s why we are proud to announce the Essential for Recovery Summit, the first-ever global essential workers forum that gives voice and visibility to essential workers all over the world.


Event Schedule

This event will be in English with Spanish, French, Arabic, and Hindi subtitles.


Day 1 | Power Of Organizing

Live broadcast September 8, 14:00 – 14:30 GMT

Re-broadcast 03:00 – 03:30 GMT +1 day

Essential workers kept the world running through the COVID-19 pandemic — and long before — yet global recovery efforts threaten to leave us behind. On Day One, hear directly from essential workers about how grassroots organizing is crucial to ensuring pandemic recovery efforts center the needs of the people who are vital to every community.


Day 2 | Closing the Gap

Live broadcast September 9, 14:00 – 14:30 GMT

Re-broadcast 03:00 – 03:30 GMT +1 day

The pandemic has taken a devastating toll on essential workers. Millions work in harsh, unsafe working conditions and face threats of sexual harassment and abuse – all while struggling to earn enough income to support our families. This unjust treatment ends here. On Day Two, we uplift the voices of those who have experienced mistreatment and create space to address the increase in gender-based violence during COVID, and collaborate to ensure dignity and basic safeguards for all essential workers.


Day 3 | A Seat At The Table

Live broadcast September 10, 14:00 – 14:30 GMT

Re-broadcast 03:00 – 03:30 GMT ​​+1 day

A just economic recovery must stabilize and support domestic workers, agricultural workers, street vendors, caregivers, and home-based workers. To accomplish this, world governments and employers should offer essential workers a seat at the table to share our experiences and the solutions that will make the greatest difference for us. On Day Three, we set the stage for essential voices to lead.




Join the conversation

September 8-10 for three days of programming where world leaders and essential workers from across the globe will lay out a vision for a just economic recovery that prioritizes the rights of workers, their health, and the well-being of their families and communities – particularly the poorest and most vulnerable.

We’ll tackle the most urgent challenges facing essential workers today including:


  • Increased income and improved working conditions
  • An end to sexual harassment and violence
  • Healthy and safe workplaces and access to healthcare
  • Social protection benefits and support for vulnerable workers

We'll hear stories, have conversations, and feel compelled to make commitments to a more fair, just and inclusive environment for ALL essential workers.

Visit the Essential for Recovery Summit website to learn more about the program of events.

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