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This morning my master took me for a walk and we stopped by a butcher's shop where he bought me a delicious chicken's leg. I sure am very lucky. My master is a very kind man and the best thing is that he loves me. The other day i heard him say that i am his bestfriend. I was flattered and he is my bestfriend too. His family is also very kind except for his wife. She hates me; may be my master loves me very much. She's always complaining that i make too much noise and i smell like a dog. Isn't that funny? Well the fact is that she was bitten by some of my relatives when she was young so she hates us. This is unfair because not every one of us is bad. However, i can understand that and she actually doesn't hate me as much as she says she does. She always gives me the meal before anyone else in the house. Last time when i had hurt myself in a fight, she took care of me. And the kids are just awesome. They always take me out to play and i really enjoy being with them.

Sometimes when i am taken for a walk, i see other dogs searching among the garbage for something to eat and i feel sorry for them. They always tell me their sad stories and how they envy me. But to be honest, i too envy them sometimes. That is when i see them walking and playing with each other, as free as the birds in the sky. I like human company but after all i am a dog and i sometimes wish that i were free to wander about and play with my friends. But then, not everyone can get everything they want and like. But if i am given a choice, i'd still choose to be with my master and his family rather than be in the streets, scrawny and hungry. 


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