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It was hard for me to believe when I first got to know about it, though from a long time I was constantly chanting the same desire. I had understood the importance of identifying one's own passion and living one's own dream. When I look back at my childhood I remember I used to always give my name in the top list if there was any cultural program happening in the school. I loved being decorated with ornaments, make up, bangles and different traditional costumes. On the stage I would totally be in the song and feel the character inside me. A jumping, running and dancing girl.  But a time came when it looked like everything would stop.

Because of a doctor's wrong prescription I became blind when I was sixteen years old. I was completely shocked. More than my blindness it was people's comments which were weakening me. My life was defined and I was told that I wouldn't be able to dance anymore. Deep inside I decided I will do and I can do. If my spirit is not disabled why should what I do be disabled?

I continued performing in colleges and various stages. People were shocked to see me dancing. However, their obviation became a driving force for me. Moreover, during my spare time I decided to enroll in a dance institution but they backed out assuming that  blind people cannot follow instructions. My desire to learn new dances was shattered but this gave me new enlightenment. I then said- "Very fine, if they are not teaching me, I will use my own imagination and create my own dance. "I even started teaching other blind and visually impaired people to dance. This transformed my shocking life into the rocking life.

Consequently "Blind Rocks! " immerged, an organization that travels around the world to rock the blind with dance; fashion; different verbal and non verbal communication; and adventure trips. After running the project for more than two years I wanted to pursue my further studies in dance and other forms of arts which was frequently told to me as impossible. It was not only to shut the mouth of the society who ever was constantly defining my limitations and borders, in fact I grew a desire to start an international art school for the blind and other persons with disability. This desire made me research such kind of courses around the world. I started sharing my dream with my various national and international friends.

After much Google research and going through the links recommended by my friends, I was tempted to apply for an Erasmus scholarship. Under the Erasmus scholarship I had picked up the Choreo Mundus program where I could do my Masters in Dance and intangible cultures like physical theater, games and marshal arts. I started my application procedure where I encountered lot of challenges. Let me share one challenge. In August I flew to Kerala, India, to attend my IELTS test as this was one of the criteria. As there is only one center in Nepal I thought it would be quicker in India. Later I felt even better when I knew that there are no arrangements to attend IELTS test for a blind person in Nepal. However in India, a blind person has to request for a test date three months earlier. This wouldn't have made it possible to apply for the scholarship by the deadline. I was hopeless but my heart was saying "Never give up Sristi, keep trying ".

 I took the number from the website and made a call to the respective person and explained  the situation and requested if they could allow me to submit my IELTS certificate later. My happiness crossed the limit when I heard back "No problem we can consider it ". After accomplishing my application procedure, I started counting the days for the result. Finally the day came. I received a mail stating that I got selected. I was not able to believe that my dream came true. I was studying dance, the topic of my choice. And more then that under Erasmus scholarship I would get an opportunity to study and explore in four different countries of Europe: Norway, France, Hungary and UK which will certainly hone my perspective to a wider range.

I would like to express my gratitude to all those who encouraged and helped me directly and indirectly to make my dream come true. Never the less I thank my blindness which gave me a broader vision and helped me realize my passion and my dream. Also I cannot close my sharing without thanking those society members who didn't believe in my dream as they created  positive ego within me to be persistent for what I believed I could do!


Position: Founder and Director of Blinds Rocks

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