Measurement and Impact – Providing the Evidence that Volunteering is Good for Society and Good for You (18TH NOV)

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It has always been important for volunteers to know that their involvement has made a difference, volunteering can also be of great benefit to the individual volunteer. Increasingly the focus is on providing the evidence to record, measure and showcase the impact of volunteering. As an example, the United Nations, in taking forward the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 agenda, is seeking to scale up the measurement of impact to evidence how volunteers are making a positive difference to solving the world’s problems. Everyone understands that impact measurement is important but not that easy to do. Learning from experience is helpful, organizations and institutions need to share information on what they are measuring and how they are doing it.

About IAVE


Our Vision.

IAVE’s vision is of a global culture of volunteering that is recognized as vital to creating a fair, peaceful, sustainable and compassionate world.

Our Mission.

IAVE’s mission is to enable leaders of volunteering worldwide to stand in solidarity with one another to promote, support and celebrate volunteering in all of the many ways it happens throughout the world.

Our Value Proposition.

Working with a distinctive global perspective IAVE brings together leaders of volunteering, providing a platform to promote, strengthen and celebrate volunteering throughout the world.

Our Guiding Principles.

  1. Diversity – IAVE seeks to develop and sustain a global perspective on volunteering. We recognize and honor the variety of ways people engage as volunteers – from individual acts of helping to large-scale collective action, from spontaneous response to needs and issues to structured formal volunteer programs; from programs created and sustained by NGOs, business and government to those that are powered by the energy and leadership of concerned, committed individuals.
  2. Inclusion – IAVE’s work seeks to recognize, value and support the participation of volunteers without regard to their cultural and ethnic origin, religion, age, gender and physical, social and economic position and citizenship status. We have a particular interest in ensuring that opportunities for marginalized or vulnerable groups are available and valued.
  3.  Partnership – IAVE places high value on developing strong, sustained, mutually beneficial partnerships with NGOs, businesses, multilateral organizations and governments and all others that our belief of the power of volunteering to change the world. By making this a primary way of work, it enables us to leverage limited resources into significant global impact.
  4. Impact – IAVE recognizes the vital importance of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a means to address the world’s most critical challenges. We are committed to helping realize the effective, impactful engagement of volunteers in the effort to achieve them.
  5. Peace and Development – IAVE believes that volunteers have a critical role in promoting peace and human development. We welcome and embrace the United Nations resolution on Integrating volunteering into peace and development: the place of action for the next decade and beyond and will take a leadership role with our partners to realize its achievement.

Our Priority Areas.

  • National leadership structures for volunteering
  • Businesses committed to engaging their employees as volunteers or strengthening volunteering
  • Global volunteer involving organizations (International organizations that engage volunteers to achieve their goals)
  • Our members

Our Core Functions.

  • Advocacy – We use key global, national, regional and, where appropriate, local forums, institutions and communication channels to advocate for recognition and advancement of volunteers and volunteering and on issues of critical importance.
  • Knowledge development and dissemination – we foster the development of new knowledge about volunteering through research and organized learning activities and actively share that knowledge.
  • Network development and mobilization – We create and sustain networks of like-minded stakeholders and members in order to strengthen our shared capacity to pursue our mission. Examples include, but are not limited to, our Global Corporate Volunteer Council (GCVC) and our Global Network of National Volunteer Centers.
  • Convening – We bring together, in person and online, leaders in volunteering to discuss, debate and deepen our shared understanding of volunteering and its potential as a global force for good. Examples include, but are not limited to, world and regional conferences, in-person meetings of our networks and webinars.

About the Speakers

Lead Presenters

Dr. Cliff Allum (United Kingdom)
Associate, Third Sector Research Centre
University of Birmingham


Cliff Allum is an Associate Fellow at the Third Sector Research Centre, University of Birmingham, UK. He is a researcher and writer focusing mainly on the area of volunteering.  Prior to this he had been involved in both the UK and international voluntary sector including roles as CEO of Skillshare International and President of the International Forum for Volunteering in Development.  He has been a volunteer in grass roots football coaching and is currently involved in tennis coaching and tennis tournaments. Cliff is also National Treasurer and Trustee of the WEA, the largest voluntary sector provider of Adult Education in the UK.  He lives in Birmingham, UK.





Dr. Peter Devereux (Australia)
Adjunct Research Fellow
Curtin University


Dr. Peter Devereux is coordinator of the SDG Unit he developed at Curtin University as well as the Sustainability, Ecology and Communities unit at Murdoch University. He is a co-chief investigator on a longitudinal research study of Australian Volunteers. He is on national and international volunteer research committees and coordinates the Western Australian SDG Network. Peter has focused on volunteering for development and sustainability policy, research and practice for 30 years and publishes and presents extensively in this area. Previously he worked on Volunteering and SDGs research in Myanmar; UN Volunteers HQ; as environmental adviser in Nicaragua, UN volunteer in Fiji, and manager of AVI’s Perth office.






Jean Tan (Singapore)
Executive Director
Singapore International Foundation


Jean Tan is the Executive Director of the Singapore International Foundation (SIF), a non-profit dedicated to international peace-building and development. Prior to SIF, she served at the ministries of Manpower, Foreign Affairs, and Information and the Arts. Jean is a graduate of the National University of Singapore and was awarded the Singapore Government Merit Scholarship to pursue postgraduate studies in the United States. In her spare time, Jean volunteers on the Board of the International Forum on Development Service, a global network of volunteer-driven development agencies, and chairs its annual conference committee. She also serves on the Global Public Diplomacy Network as a Founder Board Member and on the Board of SG Enable, an agency dedicated to serving persons with disabilities.






Paul Reddish (United Kingdom)
Chief Executive
Volunteering Matters


Paul Reddish took up the post of Chief Executive of Volunteering Matters in September 2019. Volunteering Matters supports over 100 volunteering programmes throughout the UK, which in turn involve 30,000 volunteers.  They support communities to lead social change in critical areas such as isolation and loneliness, skills development, youth social action and the improvement of mental health and wellbeing.

Paul is currently chairing the national volunteering co-ordination response, made up of key leaders from across both government and the voluntary sector.

Prior to his current role, Paul was CEO of ProjectScotland help hundreds of young unemployed Scots every year to get on in life by helping them increase their skills and find what they really want to do through meaningful placements within Scotland’s not for profit sector, and also has held a number of senior roles in Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

As a volunteer, he is a founding trustee of one of the Scotland’s first community sports hubs – Inch Park Community Sports Club – who use sport as a tool to engage young people in some of Edinburgh’s most deprived areas.





Diana Djalalova (Russia)
Deputy Chairman
Council of the Russian Association of Volunteer Centers


Diana Djalalova is a public figure, federal expert, mentor of social projects, and Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Russian Association of Volunteer Centers. From January 2017 to the present she has been devoting her professional life to the Association of Volunteer Centers and the development of the infrastructure for supporting volunteering in Russia. Winner of the Moscow Masters 2015 competition in the Best Moscow City Youth Work Specialist nomination. Speaker of the international session with the participation of the President of the Russian Federation “Youth 2030” at the WFYS – 2017 (also organiser of the Festival), organiser of the All-Russian Mutual Aid Action #ALLTOGETHER (2020) that united more than 119,000 volunteers throughout Russia in helping people during the COVID-19 pandemic.





Magdalena Valdés (Chile)
Executive Director
America Solidaria


Magdalena Valdés is Executive Director of America Solidaria in Chile. She holds a Business Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s in Finance, and a Master’s in Public Policy and Economics at LSE. She began her career in a microfinance program in Chile and worked for seven years for the Latin America and Caribbean office of the Poverty Action Lab (J -PAL). Magdalena had the opportunity to lead this research center for 3 years. From J-PAL, Magdalena was responsible for the implementation of more than100 research projects, measuring their impact and disseminating their results, to informed policy decision-makers. After this experience, she had the opportunity to lead the Ilumina foundation for children and since 2020, she leads the América Solidaria Foundation, whose purpose is to articulate and support the integral fulfillment of children’s rights in LAC. Her work experience has been very diverse. She has had the opportunity to contribute and learn from civil society organizations, international research centers, private companies, governments, and foundations. She was awarded as one of the 100 women leaders in Chile and as one of the 100 young leaders of the year in 2016.


Position: Co -Founder of ENGAGE,a new social venture for the promotion of volunteerism and service and Ideator of Sharing4Good

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