Lion In The Ocean

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"Lions are not known as swimmers in the sense that they don't do it daily. They're not like tigers, which love to go into the water to cool down. But when they're faced with a river, they will cross it if they need to."- Animal Planet


Human beings and human histories fascinate me. If we were to measure our time on Earth on the basis of the people we have known- in passing or in intimacy; in bits and pieces or as far as possible given the limitations of our patience; we may realize we are very old indeed.


If we were to weave the stories we know of people together, what would be most obvious is that we are all Lions. We know how to swim. But we do not like to do it daily. We like our peace. We do not growl unless pushed to a corner. We do not strike out unless deeply wounded. And we do not draw blood unless we have tasted it already in ourselves. And when we are faced with a river, we will cross it if we need to. 


The more we evolve as human beings ourselves through our interactions with others and deep introspection - the more we rise above the myths of structured regime. We understand ourselves and each other. We accept and respect silences. We watch. We do not pointlessly scream, brashly opinionate or irresponsibly attempt to destroy the lives and times of those around us. We become gifters and guardians. We stand by and protect. We comprehend our roles to be more than a dialogue of power, of winning and losing.This is class. The ability to rise above our own insecurities. It is learnt behaviour. There are patterns in all that is. 


We learn to close doors on those beings who are not worth our time. We methodically cut ourselves off those who are parasites to our spirit. We free fall till we either find momentum in the fall or our feet at the end of it. 


And like the movement of sand, we can create, distort, erase and change patterns. There is a constant flow of sand from land into ocean with great seasonal changes- high-energy winter storm waves pull sand offshore; lower, gentle summer waves carry sand onto the beach. Sand flows into submarine canyons where it stays for millennia.


And the pride of Lions saunter on Sand. This is my kingdom. Come. 


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