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It would definitely been a great experience for life rather as we had learn many things, as it rejuvenated our senses by looking those glittering smile on those fragile pale faces. Its not a tag line for any NGO or Advertisement, its that We ( OLLY Group) had visited an Old age home and had a great endeavor in our own self..

The visit had started with a late beginning though it was fun on the way as Ladies were like Juke box with classics of 80's and Guys were records of Elvis Presley..!!

 The first step towards the life that let us see the old branches falling down but there's always a young branch to hold him, of the same tree... it just need to get nurtured by Love, Care, Affection, Support & Time because definitely time would just fly by next to you while you would be gathering sorrows and happiness in your life. These moments will make you cherish in the time where you will be lying down on an armchair with a stick or with a gray haired lady mumbling some love bites…they had passed the phase where life seems to really beautiful, and still beautiful to them but somewhere they feel alone with there dark loneliness, missing the touch that they always felt, that can make their heart glow like a Burning Star..


So, it started with a small conversation with the people behind this strong community of love that motivates their life everyday and they take an immense pleasure to uphold everything that comes there way, to fight back every problems and to give support for this noble cause. It shows there humility towards mankind, though it was a job for them but for them it’s a service towards GOD that will take them one step forward to HIM…with their dedication of LOVE.


Now, its the turn of OLLY to show respect towards their selfless service and though we started on a good note with as everyone was filled with questions in their heart that was down pouring from the inner conscious that what would happen to them, when there feet will be fumbling…will there be someone to hold ?? What if they are not able to see things, will there be someone to be an Apple Eye??

And the story goes on...!!!

So everyone started with a small soft & smiling conversation though the girls getting acquainted more quickly with Uncles and guys are with Aunties…you know naa opposite attracts...just kidding..!!

Now it was the time for a little dedication for our host, and we sang few songs of life with dedication and with little conviction because people are feeling the heat of summers though the ones who had determined on their will are still standing and enjoying the time and give their best voices…and after comes the part of meeting where everyone had to share their new & old thoughts & views of life...It was a personal experience of everyone, one of a kind...that will be remembered till the time eyes will be dipped down towards the roads of this fragile life..!!!

As been my personal experience, it was a moment of truth that made me realize that life is too short to live as well as so big that even death cant bound it…because the more you get the happiness and share it with everyone, it will be bigger than life, and the little the sorrows you get and keep within yourself, and still keep the smile on your face will make it larger than life..!!! The people who are there with you, are a part of your life because they meant to be a part of your present and those who had left behind by time was for a reason…good or bad that will be decided by HIM..!!!

Every living being in this world, need to go one day…the only thing that remains in the heart will be MEMORIES...!!! The bond of love & affection of your dear ones makes you fragile in the phase of life...the ones who are the most strongest of being in your life as your strength, becomes your weakness also…even the blood relations were cut apart in this selfish world..!!!

Lets now get a little off track, as its getting too emotional...So now comes the best part of the day because we are about to rock the world with a one step right, and a one step left…so here comes a sensational jive by our indigenous Channing Tatum along the Bollywood Marilyn there were no words to describe the curves & moves and the Lambretta ride...though everyone enjoyed more than Mr Bean..!!!

And then came the Surprise of the day for OLLY as we heard the most vibrant cords from the group as it was a tribute that had made everyone dumbstruck (mostly the OLLY Group) because it was so melodious that could really make awake to the real world…and then came the juggler with his instincts of vibes that had made us laugh to the fullest with one of his creations..

Now it was the time to say Good Bye, so we went with a handmade card for everyone as it was a memoir to them so that we can share our greetings to them one more time, before we come again, to see the smile all cherished with a new youth in life and to get their blessings & good wishes...and tired to get attached in an unconventional bond of love..!!!

It can be sum up in just 3 words...or the rather the complete life...LIFE GOES ON..!!!


Position: !! Nomadic Wanderer !!

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