Let the Two Boys Kiss. Please.

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Why do the gays have to go all out and display their 'gayness' to the world! To all you hetero-normative people, look inside you for once. Isn't your tender gaze to your beloved an admission of your love? The gentle handing of hands while cross the road? Isn't that a display of your love to him or her? The reflex embrace that you give your lover on the road and just want to be with them just one more second ? Isn't that the blatant expression of your love? The wedding ring, the elaborate ceremony to say " Till death do us apart"...... all declaration of your love, aren't they? That stolen look, that secret smile across the room when time freezes and it;s just you and him or you and her.... All badges of your affection? Why then can't two boys kiss to declare their love? Why then the holding of hands suddenly criminalized and people jailed for loving? Loving another human being and wanting them to be a part of their story. Why does the most natural symbol of affection becomes a sign of vulgarity! Why indeed! The display is necessary, mandated even , to be normalized and recognized as a part of you. To be embraced and accepted just the way you are, stripped of all expectations and presences, just the naked soul!

Two boys kissing publicly is an act of bravery, an act that says " We care two hots about your rules". We define ourselves and refuse to cow down to what you want us to become! We want to be free, drink in each other's sweet fragrance and not care what you think of us. Two boys kissing publicly is a history in making! A history of acceptance and of free flowing love. And by being there, you become a tiny part of that history being created, whether you know or not!

I urge you to pick up and read " Two Boys Kissing" and soak yourself in the sheer poetry of love and loss, of desires that went unfulfilled. I urge you to pick up and read " Two Boys Kissing"  and know that love is just love. genderless, faceless that  only needs another human being as its anchor.



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