Launching ‘Responding to Covid-19: Leadership development programme for the UK Migration and Refugee Sector’ (PRESS RELEASE FROM CLORE SOCIAL LEADERSHIP)

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We are delighted to announce the launch of ‘Responding to Covid-19: Leadership development programme for the UK Migration and Refugee Sector’. Delivered in partnership with LEx Movement (Lived Experience Leaders Movement hosted by the Centre for Knowledge Equity), the programme is designed to support the UK’s migrant and refugee communities’ vital effort during these challenging times by strengthening their leadership, organisations, and the sector.

Demonstrating a great need for support and development in the sector, the programme received an overwhelming number of applications from fantastic leaders working for a diverse range of organisations across the UK Migration and Refugee Sector.

The programme recruitment prioritised Lived Experience Leaders*, leaders working in small and medium-sized organisations, and leaders based outside London. We obtained 60% of applications from Lived Experience Leaders, around 80% from small and medium organisations, and over 80% outside of London.

*Lived Experience Leaders are those who have direct, first-hand experience, past or present, of immigration systems and who have activated these experiences to inform, shape and lead their social purpose work to directly benefit the communities they share those experiences with. For further information, visit

We are thrilled to be able to support a cohort of participants of such diverse demographics, and to work in partnership with LEx Movement, in collaboration with Migration Exchange and with support from a coalition of funders whose commitment to this sector has made it possible to deliver the programme free of charge.

Writing about what has motivated them to apply for this programme, participants have said:

“I see this as a unique opportunity that will help me connect, learn and develop with others to support and advocate for migrants (including refugees) in the UK. Specifically, I believe this is needed in these unprecedented times when collaboration and strategic thinking and action are crucial to support migrant communities in the UK.”

“The pandemic has highlighted many of the injustices that are faced by our migrant communities including, data/tech poverty, food poverty, and health inequalities. I hope that through the learning on this course and gaining in confidence I will be better equipped to help fight some of these injustices at a more strategic level. I also hope that I will feel better able to communicate the needs of our centre users and advocate for change where it’s needed."

Plans for future programmes designed for the UK Migration and Refugee Sector have been put on hold because of Covid-19 and will be revisited in 2021.

A list of the 2020 successful participants’ organisations can be found below.


Commenting on the programme, Shaks Ghosh CBE, Chief Executive, Clore Social Leadership said: “It is a privilege to partner with the Lived Experience Movement on this online summer leadership programme. We want people in the Migration and Refugee Sector to know we are here to support their tremendous efforts in these challenging times. They have not gone unnoticed. And now more than ever, leadership is fundamental to how we respond to challenges. This leadership programme has been designed to extend beyond individuals, enabling them to act collectively to strengthen their organisations, communities and the sector.”

Position: Co -Founder of ENGAGE,a new social venture for the promotion of volunteerism and service and Ideator of Sharing4Good

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