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I never realized, what I missed,
  as she thinks it was pretence
but it was only my heartless love for every context
    I made her count the things, that I have done
 it shattered & fragmented her into bits
     till the time I never realizes what I missed

 She was taking everything, every time on her heart
I was hurting her, as I was putting
    the burden from the start.........
  but promises were broken, tears went down
 as I lost My 'Baby' but I still never realized,
    It was me only, but its not 'me' from inside
The gestures were never there, but it went over too her
  The words are never there, but it were thrashed over to Her.....
Still I never realized, what I missed
       as she forgives me everytime,I do a 'Sin'
   and still she be there standing as a Humble 'Kin'
But now, tears won't let her come back to me
    as I realized that I murdered her,
 with doing my utmost Sin...........
     It hurts me, dnt knw why is she going by or
                  I am loosing my life...
  Now, she dont realize as her 'Soul' is hurted
             & feeling are not there by.....
But I still hope she gives me a chance
       and forgives me and dont let me go by..........
I cried & weep, but She was stand still,
       no emotions & feeling were there, as
           everything was at a still.....
I gave the inflicting pain to someone, I never wanted to,
     I got angry on one, whom I never thought of too.....
I was dejected myself too, been at the core
     bcoz I know I have done a 'Sin' which;
                    I never did before....
I turned a heart into a black pit,
   whom I wanted to cover with the love sheet
though, I never realized, what I missed.....
        Even I pray for her, she will take it as a 'Curse'
 because I disrespected her feelings,
        and day by day I made it 'Worse'........
But I still want to pray for her, bcoz She was
       the only 'ONE' who made me Smile,filled colors
in life and gave a new vibe to my life....
       I still love & adore her,but I never realized.....
In the end,friends do mark my words
    'TRUST' the person whom you love,
 because dats the only thing that make it works...
    Be 'PATIENT' in whatever you say, because words
 can prick more than a hefty blow away......
           Be 'UNCONDITIONAL' in life, as it meant dat 'You' really
     care for whom you love & begets her with You everytime..
I dnt wnt anyone,to loose their love....
     The way I do,only because
     I never realized that,what I missed,
 in Me not been there with HER..!!!
Position: !! Nomadic Wanderer !!

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