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Seeing others smile is what I crave for. I do not do volunteering activities because somebody wants me to; I do it because it gives me internal happiness. Volunteerism is something that always gives me satisfaction and an opportunity to change other people’s lives, as well as get new experiences. It gives me satisfaction and happiness. As a teenager, I have become an active person in my community. I started my volunteering work only after the massive earthquake struck Nepal.

Everyone has different experience during earthquake. I had one of the most useful time during earthquake as I started volunteering work. My volunteering story is kind of different. During earthquake every parents were worried about their children going outside but neither like others parents, my parents encouraged and supported me to go outside and do something. I was so hopeless when I saw people sitting around whole day in safe places and had no idea what would happen next. It touched me when I saw people cooperating with each other, the neighbors that never saw each other were talking to each other, and from rich to poor everyone had the same status during earthquake. Everyone was worried and had nothing to do and then I got the idea about recycling the newspapers and teaching the children’s of my community to make paper bags instead of playing and littering around. I asked them to gather around and taught them to make paper bags. We distributed the paper bags we made to the nearest shop. I gave them assignments like a teacher to make them involve in something the whole day. I was very happy when I saw them making paper bags because the brothers and sisters found it very interesting and they were happy to learn a new thing.  It was somewhat effective and ran for few days. That was the moment it hit me that I just started a campaign and that made me happy. After some days I collected my community’s brothers and sisters and asked help to collect funds for the earthquake victims. In the timespan of collecting money a police officer caught me and took me to his office. He asked me few questions about why I collected the money without permission of the government and so on. I was with 2 of my community’s brother and 2 community’s sister who were quite worried about being caught by the police. I talked to the police and they left us as I wasn’t scared because I wasn’t doing the wrong thing. I just wanted to help somebody. The people in my neighborhood helped me out and I was able to collect Rs 10,000. My parents were very supportive as they help me donate the stuffs to the person of Chitlang who used to work as a builder in Kathmandu.  I went to National Trading, Teku and bought some goods i.e. Pulses, Salt, Soap, Rice etc and gave it to him.

 That was the moment when I felt like I did something good for the society. From then onwards I haven’t stopped doing something good for the society. My experience as a volunteer and as a part of the society is that we should never stop doing good for the society as it impacts you directly or indirectly.

Position: Intern ENGAGE

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