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"I have expectation for the transfer refund", I found this expectation while I was collecting the expectation from the participant before to start training. When I met with the youth of my working area, I was impressed to see their action plan to conduct a training for their group members. I also wanted to work with you so I said I would also be a part of this training. After a meeting with them, we finalize for the training. 

We started the training from 12 December 2013 on Accountability and governance. During the training, many of the youth participants said me about the transfer refund. I know they are from the surrounding villages of the training area; they even reach to the training hall within 10-minutes' walk. 

This is not their fault to demand for the transfer refund. They know if any organization organize any program they will provide transfer refund either they are being habitual like that. It is a similar problem among the youth. They can do something new but also they want something as a reward. 

I think it is very easy and very difficult to work with youth. As a youth I am also, have some desire and passion to work for the change. However, I am also looking for the some kind of reward. Even sometime I am getting temper when I am not feeling that I am not getting anything reward from my work. Everybody wants some reward from his or her work but sometimes it is not very good idea to aspect for the reward from the communal work. 

To work with youth definitely it is very difficult but there is some kind of enjoyment too. According to my experience, these are some ideas, which we can apply to drive youths towards to change addressing their expectations. 

1.     Plan with them and clearly mention that we are not going to get any financial benefits but we will get the social reward

2.     Delegate the responsibility for the preparation then they can also feel their ownership on your activities

3.     Let's find out the local resources which can be useful for the training or program 

4.     Ask for the community support even youth can be mobilize to look community support

5.     Review with about the activities after completion then they can realize how their little contribution made success

These are the some ideas that can reduce the youth's expectation about the money on social activities, which they are taking part. 

From Uganda


Position: Inspirator in ActionAid International Uganda

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