How assistive technologies can make the difference

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In this 21st Century of this world, technology is increasingly more and more popular all over the world and people have used it for different purposes.

New powerful tools transform the economy and our lives and can be truly transformative for those of us who have no or low vision.

Nowadays we can familiarize with the latest technology available around the world

Those persons who have lost their eye sight and have low vision of their eyes can be defined as visually impaired persons.

Persons with visually impaired disabilities cannot see with their eye sight but they can now, with the help of technology devices, easily navigate computers, laptops and surf internet.

Large numbers of person with visually impaired disabilities have used screen reader software to operate computers.

What makes the difference is the existence of screen reader software that can be installed in their computers.

The screen reader software is an assistive device that persons with visually impaired disabilities can operate without much hassle.

This software appears in the screen and interprets text images through sounds that visually impaired persons can easily understand, helping reading  texts loudly so that a person with visual impairment can understand.

This software helps to read the texts whatever appears in the screens.

The screen reader software JAWS and NVDA are now currently available and they can be downloaded from their website.

Thanks to such software programs, persons with visual impairment can easily get work completed with computer.

They can listen to the sound of screen reader software and then type the keyboards commands frequently.

We can operate ms word, excel, powerpoint, internet surfing skills, email and other coding stuffs.

We can browse different website address for reading, research, share the information and other things.

We can operate different social medias like facebook, viber, twitter, linkedinand instragram where we can communicate with the people and share information throughout the world.

In short we can do so many things and there is no limitations for persons with no or limited sight.

Being able to use computer or surf internet as you can imagine, truly makes the difference.

Such technical adaptive devices truly makes technologies a level playing field.

We can hope to find a job because no one can say that persons with visual impairment are not able to use computers.

Moreover access to such tools is so important because we can easily follow the news and be updated with what’ going on in the country.

This is really important so that also visually impaired persons can follow up the main discussions and debates hitting the headlines.  This means also paving the ways for persons with disabilities to be part of national agenda and we all know that now that power have been devolved at local level, it is really key for citizens to participate and be active.

We can also be ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP and this thanks to assisted devices technologies.

The software programs mentioned in this piece are easily to be operated and they can really make the difference for those of us who cannot see.

We can found these screen reader software from the website address are and


Position: activist

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